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Baling press wire / binding wire


With us, rosettes can be found in the standard range in 250 kg and 500 kg -
also in 400 kg, 750 kg or even up to 2,500 kg rings if required in accordance with customer specifications.

Rosetten - verzinkt und geglüht


Baling presses



Annealed, soft-galvanised, hard-galvanised, blank or spring steel
Zinkauflage = Class A-D von 25 -350 g/m²
Zinkalu bis 350g/m²  Zn95/Al5 oder Zn90/Al10

Wire diameter:

0,40 - 12,00 mm


Bis zu 50% je nach Zugfestigkeit und Drahtstärke

Tensile strength:

300 -1800 N/mm²

Usage example

As a partner to the recycling industry, we take care of the strapping of raw materials that others regard as waste.

Zink-Alu oder verzinkte Drähte eignen sich hervorragend für die Herstellung von Gabionen, Zäunen oder Schweißgittern.

Patented-coiled rings / Bremer rings

hat which some people call Bremer Rings, other people call patented-coiled rings.
You can obtain these from us as 20 kg, 40 kg oder 46 kg rings with a diameter of 1.80 to 3.80, oiled or not oiled. Just as you require.
The 20 kg rings are packed each with 50 units on a palette = 1000 kg.
The 40 kg rings are packed each with 27 units on a palette = 1080 kg.


20 kg:

Inner diameter: 90 / 100 mm
Outer diameter: 250 mm
Ring width: 95 mm
Tolerances: +/- 5 mm

Please note:

20 kg rings can also be pulled onto 40 kg coil bodies if required.

40 kg

Inner diameter: 206 mm
Outer diameter: 336 mm
Ring width: 152 mm
Tolerances: +/- 6 mm

46 kg

Inner diameter: 210 mm
Outer diameter: 340 mm
Ring width: 152 mm
Tolerances: +/- 6 mm

Usage example

These reels are suitable for any type of packaging machine.


Rings 40 kg


Rings 20 kg


Patented-coiled rings in use

Quick-link wires

Unlike loop wires, nothing needs to be “knotted” here. The wires in this product are hooked into each other using a patented quick-acting coupling.
Anywhere where loop wires are pushed to their limits with very expanding material, quick-link wires are used.
We will manufacture quick-link wires for you in accordance with your requirements in lengths of up to 5,000 mm.

An insight into the production of quick-link wires


Wire diameter:

2,45 bis 3,80 mm


Phosphated (blank), galvanised or copper-plated


Loop wire

Ösendrähte werden oft in papier- oder textilverarbeitenden Betrieben eingesetzt - immer dort, wo das Abbinden von stark expandierendem Material notwendig ist.
Binding is done by hand by knotting. Used in vertical baling presses.
Loop wires can be obtained from us with one or two tightened loops (double loop) in lengths of up to 6,000 mm.


Wire diameter:

2,00 mm bis 3,80 mm


Annealed or soft-galvanised

Usage example

Used in vertical baling presses.

rolled approx. 25 kg


rolled approx. 10-12 kg


Loop wires in use

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