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Woven Mesh / Crimped Mesh

We have been producing woven mesh / crimped mesh “Made in Germany” for you for more than 100 years in our factory in Melle.
We can supply to you entirely in accordance with your requirements in standard and fixed dimensions.
Our woven mesh / crimped mesh fulfils the highest demands in terms of quality and stability.
Wires are crimped and then woven into each other using our modern machines. This crimped profile makes the wires extremely stable.
We produce crimped mesh / woven mesh for you in form C, in square and diagonal mesh.




Details production



Wire is tilted



1,00 x 2,00 m
1,25 x 2,50 m
1,50 x 3,00 m
2,00 x 3,00 m
2,00 x 5,00 m
Special formats according to customer requirements

Mesh size::

10 mm – 50 mm

Wire diameter::

2,00 mm – 5,00 mm


Raw / blank, galvanised, aluminium, stainless steel in different designs

Usage example

Woven mesh / crimped mesh in a wide variety of variants for protection, support and decoration:
  • As security enclosures for machines
  • For fences and gates
  • As rack partitions
  • for decoration


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